18 Point Oil Burner Service and Tune Up Only $189

Our 18 Point Yearly Maintenance Service for Oil Burning Boilers and Furnaces  includes the following: 

Replace oil burner nozzle, oil filter, pump screen. Clean, vacuum, and inspect all smoke pipe, heat exchanger, chimney base,  combustion chamber,  electrodes, nozzle assembly, all burner components, blower motor, wheel and housing,
Oil any motors or moving parts ( as required ), Clean outside jacket and surrounding area, Tune unit to peak efficiency using instruments, Perform an efficiency test,
Provide you with your heating units current efficiency rating,
Check condition of all visible oil lines, above ground oil tanks, and oil line connections, Check that all controls and components are functioning properly.

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 What to expect.
All Pro Heating Service provides expert Boiler and Furnace Tune Ups for our clients in the Northern NJ area. Our Heating Tune Up Service is a professional ,thorough cleaning of your boiler or furnace. We do not cut corners and we are certain that your heating equipment will be running better and more efficient when we are done. This will be sure to save you a noticeable amount in fuel. We use only the highest quality parts and guarantee all of our work.

Many people fail to have their heating systems regularly serviced which can lead to the system operating less efficiently and at  lower than optimal level. Our boiler or furnace Cleaning and Tune up offers you a chance to  keep your heating equipment running at peak efficiency. When you turn the thermostat up you know that you can depend on your heating system to be operating at optimal levels. During the winter season and beyond your heating system will be ready.

You and your family won’t have to be cold while waiting  for a service technician to come to your home. We have over 25 years experience in the heating industry and have performed thousands of cleanings and repairs. We provide tune up service for both oil burner and gas or propane heating equipment.

An average cleaning should take about 1 to 1 1/2 hours.
Our pricing is upfront and there are never any hidden charges.
Call/ text 973-747-4918 or Book Online to schedule an appointment.

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